The Safonovo Industrial Park is a separate industrial territory with a complete

infrastructure for manufacturing, which is fully equipped with utilities and

networks, designed for locating modern production enterprises and managed by the

Investment Development Corporation of the Smolensk Region.

Project promoter: Administration of the Smolensk Region.

Project purpose: locating enterprises in various sectors (hazard classes II to V).

Location: South of Safonovo, the Safonovo District in the Smolensk Region

Land category: industrial and settlement lands.

The total park area – 130 ha

Land available for locating residents – 100 ha

Land available for locating networks – 30 ha

Logistic preferences

The Smolensk Region has a unique geographic location. The East-West corridor, which is the shortest route from Europe to Russia, and the North-South corridor including railway and motorways pass through the territory of the Smolensk Region. 75% of cargo coming from Europe to Russia are transported through the territory of the Smolensk Region. The cross-border cooperation with the Republic of Belarus and availability of the customs and logistics complex with an excise terminal, providing customs clearance of goods subject to phytosanitary and veterinary villages.

Labor forces

Within a 50 km radius from Safonovo with a population of 47 thousand people there are located four settlements of 10 to 50 thousand people and other smaller


Smolensk with a population of 331 thousand people. Big towns at a distance of 350 km are Minsk, Kaluga, Bryansk, Tver.

Distance to Moscow is 270 km.

There is well developed a social infrastructure. At a distance of 1 km from the Industrial Park there are located residential areas, hotels, dining rooms, cafes and conference rooms.